Big Rannge of Hiking and Back Packs At Alpsport, we offer a comprehensive range of bushwalking, travel, climbing, adventure racing and urban packs. With sizes to cater for small commutes around town to extended overnight walks in Tasmania. We stock a range of price point’s to suit most budgets.

Our staff will be able to help you select from one of many brands which include One Planet, Wilderness Equipment, Mountain Hardwear, Berghaus, Petzl and Osprey, as well as a large range of Camelbak packs and accessories.  

One of our ‘value adding’ services that we have been offering to our customers for over 20 years, and that distinguishes us from many of our competitors has been our pack fitting process. We will always spend the time with our customers to ensure that they get a pack that is both suited to them and is fitted correctly. The correct fit is crucial to fully enjoying your pack for the many years of use it will provide.

Choosing the right style of pack can be daunting. The packs harness, physical size, shape, weight, type of materials and of course appearance are all factors that need to be considered when choosing the right pack. So, come in and let one of our experienced staff help make this task easier.

Back packs and Hiking

Hiking Packs

We carry a broad range of back packs suited to overnight stays or even extended expedition style trips. You can choose from traditional style packs made of canvas for maximum durability against the elements from brands such as One Planet and Wilderness Equipment, or lightweight models made specifically for shorter journeys, and for weight conscious walkers. Lightweight packs are typically minimalist in their design and made from synthetic fabrics, One Planet and Mountain Hardwear offer a good range to suit this style.

Day-and-a-half Packs

Bigger than a day pack, smaller than a full overnight pack. A pack in this range would suit someone who intends to carry bulky gear on a day trip. These are typically 40-60 litres and are simple packs with no frills. These slightly larger day packs are perfect for your canyoning or climbing trips or just a long day cross-country skiing. They could even be used for a 2 day conservative overnight trip.

Andy overlooking the Mattertal - The Haute Route, Switzerland

Hiking packsDay Packs

Everyone has different needs when it comes to a day pack, from going to school to climbing mountains, so we carry a large range. We have packs for daily commuters, who want something small and unobtrusive on a train or bus, daypacks suitable for wandering about in your local national park or riding around the bush. Some models will come with specific features for the activity you enjoy. This includes attachments for carrying trekking poles, rock climbing gear, ice axes and skis, or even a protected pocket for your laptop.

Travel Packs

We carry a large range of sizes and styles to accommodate the light traveller to someone who needs to take all their luxuries wherever they go. Travel packs are made for ease of use, with travel specific features like removable shoulder straps, a zipped covering for the harness to protect it from airport conveyor belts and also removable day packs so you can separate your main load for carry on and check in luggage. All the main openings on travel packs are lockable for security.

Alex and friends going for an overnight slide on the Main Range

Ski PacksThere are two styles of travel pack available:

Zip Entry:

This style is the most traditional in travel packs. Zip entry offers easy access to gear through a clamshell style opening, like a suitcase. These packs are excellent for organising gear and short stays as you do not have to unload your entire contents to retrieve something at the bottom of your pack. Most zip entry packs also have a divider at the base, which can be handy to store your important kit for quick retrieval, or just to put your wet towel and sandals in after an afternoon lazing at the beach.

Hybrid Packs:

These packs offer the best of both zip entry, and bushwalking style. Hybrids are designed with a main zip access for gear organisation, but also have an access at the top of the pack with a clip down lid. This enables you to cram gear through the top and not have to worry about struggling with a zipper. These models can also be locked up. Hybrid packs are good for people who want to do it all with one pack, whether it is guiding walking trips in North America, or heading to Thailand for a climbing trip.

Choosing a good quality travel pack will mean a trip without luggage hassles. The last thing you want is a zipper breaking meaning you can not lock your bag!

Outdoor packs and day packsWe carry One Planet, Wilderness Equipment and Osprey packs because we believe them to be of the highest quality. Built to last numerous trips using good materials and they offer great features for all types of adventures, whether you want to trek around the mountains of Nepal, or head to Melbourne for the weekend.

Duffel bags are available from The North Face and One Planet. Duffel bags are a preferred choice for trekking trips around the world as they are far more durable and practical than your suitcase and can be easily carried by either, porters, or even Yaks! Otherwise they can be a good way to organise your gear around the home.

There are many accessories available to compliment our backpack range like Sea to Summit waterproof pack covers, lightweight duffle bags to secure bushwalking packs for transit and pack liners to keep the water out.

Security products are available from Pacsafe including padlocks with keys, or combination locks, cable locks and the original Pacsafe cable mesh cover. As your pack gets older you will need to clean and maintain it. Nikwax provide spray on and wash-in treatments like Tent and Gear Proof and also Cotton Proof for canvas products.


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