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  • Slackline Industries Aggro Line
    This is a good intermediate leve line. Designed to achieve maximum dynamic movement and bounce at great distances, the aggro line is ideal for large trees, tricks, water lines or challenging walks. Featuring trampoline-style webbing with rubber grip, an XL ratchet with mechanical advantage at l..
  • Slackline Industries Base Line
    This is a complete introductory slackline kit. This is perfectly designed specifically for beginner and intermediate slackliners. With its static-style webbing ideal for learning and its instructional DVD, the Base Line is perfect for getting started and progressing to basic tric..
  • Slackline Industries Play Line
    Make any 2 trees an awesome playground with the slackline kit made for beginners! Featuring static-style line with rubber grip, an overhead guide line with arm trainer and instructional DVD, the PLAY LINE makes learning simple. ..
  • Slackline Industries Slackstand
    The SlackStand is a portable, completely freestanding structure allowing you to set-up your line indoors or out in places without trees or anchors. The SlackStand includes a 12 foot slackline, making it the ideal system for gyms, schools or in-home use. Steel construction provides a solid base ..
  • Slackline Industries Tree Pro
    Protecting trees is the right thing to do, and responsible slackline etiquette. It is ALWAYS necessary to protects trees in public places, and highly recommended in your own private areas. The TREEPRO design makes it protection easy with two pieces of self-closing, durable padding that also pro..
  • Slackline Industries Trick Line
    Master some sick tricks on the Slackline Industries Trick Line! The Trick Line allows dynamic movements and bouncing for tricklining. This is the branch of the slacklining that goes beyond walking by adding jumps, spins and rotations, essentially tricks. This line is made of..
  • Slackline Industries YogaSlackers eLine
    The YogaSlackers eLine is a low-stretch slackline that is easy to set up with a simple closed-loop system. It is not difficult to tension it so anyone can do it in just a few minutes. Get in touch with the roots of slacklining using this traditional kit. ..
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