Alpine Touring Boots

Alpsport is the largest stockist of Scarpa and Garmont alpine touring boots in Sydney. As we are professional ski boot fitters, there is no better place to get the perfect alpine touring boot fit. With custom boot moulding and foot beds made to measure you are sure to get a great fit. To see a thorough explanation please read our boot fitting page. We tour, so we understand the specific needs of an alpine touring boot.

Every year companies are striving to improve the technology in all of their boots to give the lightest and most comfortable option. At the top end of the market this will feature Intuition, G-fit or Thermo Custom Moulded Liners. These are some of the lightest and warmest liners on the market. Our boot fitters will heat and mould the liner to your foot, giving the most accurate and comfortable fit.


A common question that we often hear is, “can I use my normal alpine boots to go alpine touring?”

The answer is yes, if you have the right skis and bindings. However, with most alpine boots you will find that they are not designed for the walking motion that is required, so your stride length will be limited and possibly uncomfortable.

Alpine touring boots in appearance resemble alpine ski boots, however they differ greatly in their function. The most important difference is a true walk function with a large amount of upper cuff movement this will give it almost the full range of movement found in a walking boot. A good example of this would be found in the ever popular Garmont Adrenaline.


Most alpine touring boots will have a rubber or Vibram sole instead of plastic found on standard alpine boots. This allows for safer and more effective walking when not on skis, as often in the backcountry you may need to walk if there is a lack of snow or to kick steps up if it is too steep for the use of climbing skins.

Dynafit compatible boots are the most specialised alpine touring boots (see the bindings page to find out more about Dynafit bindings). These bindings have metal inserts in the toe and heel. This is a factory insert and can not be fitted to existing boots. This system is the lightest boot and binding system on the market, Alpsport stocks the Garmont Megaride and various Scarpa models that are Dynafit compatible.

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