Climbing Skins

Alpsport carries a full range of skins in all sizes year round. We stock skins from the narrowest widths to the widest. We stock skins from brands including Black Diamond and G3. Climbing skins are a material that are attached to the base of your ski using glue. Skins enable you to climb up a hill using your skis, they provide substantial grip, far greater than a pattern base ski.

Skins are exactly that, many are animal skins like mohair, however some are synthetic. Some things to consider when purchasing skins include the amount of coverage the skin provides. You want the skin to be covering the most amount of the skis base as possible, at a minimum your skin needs to be similar width to the waist of your ski. With only the edges showing, or ideally covering the entire base from tip to tail, this is done by cutting your skins to the shape of your ski for the best results.

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The tip and tail attachments are important. These should be checked when buying a skin, checking that the tip attachment will fit over the tip of your ski, some older Atomics and many wider skis need extra attachments to work

If you are using older skins then you may need to look at reapplying the glue. This is a simple process, however it can not be done at the snow. It is best done in the off season as moisture is not your friend when reapplying the glues. Alpsport also stocks the waxes for skins to help them not ball up when the snow is dry and conditions are cold.


Kicker skins are becoming more popular for cross country skiers, they are a short skin for climbing when the pattern ski is not doing the job or you need to climb a steeper incline. They extend from just in front of the boot to around 40cm back. This means they are much lighter than full length skins, however they do not climb as steep as full length but they can be a good compromise when weight and space is an issue and your pattern skis are not gripping like they use to or are just holding you back.

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