Telemark and Cross Country Boots

With professional ski boot fitters there is no better place to get the perfect telemark boot fit. At Alpsport we carry boots from companies including Scarpa, Garmont and Alpina. With the option of custom boot moulding and footbeds, you are sure to have a great fit. We have the equipment and expertise required to mould the G Fit liners from Garmont as well as the Intuition liners from Scarpa.

Leather Boots

Many people who tour the backcountry still like to use leather boots, these are much like your leather walking boots, however they have thicker leather and insulation. The newer leather boots come with the 75mm toe and as a result will work with any of the new cable bindings. We carry the new leather boots from Garmont.


Plastic Boots

Many people who have traditionally used leather boots for touring are sceptical about plastic but there are numerous advantages to plastic boots. Plastic boots are waterproof and are far warmer than leather. They are also stiffer laterally so you have better edge control, while still having a soft flex forwards to glide when touring.


Many of the larger telemark boots resemble alpine boots and share many of the features, with metal buckles and high tech liners. This is where the similarities end. Telemark boots are much lighter and allow the forward flex that is required to telemark. The larger boots, with four buckles, give you much more driving power allowing you to ski a bigger, stiffer ski.

G-fit liners (Thermo or Intuition liners) are becoming more popular in many of the higher end boots, these are some of the lightest liners on the market and also are 100% mouldable to your foot, and due to the space in the (Ultralon) foam they are also very warm. With the help of our boot fitters we will heat and mould the liner to your foot.  Alpsport has boots fitters who have moulded and skis in these great liners and we would not recommend trying to mould your liner without the correct oven or equipment as you have a limited number of attempts to get the mould right. Alpsport also stocks Intuition liners that can be put into new or old boots, to get that perfect fit in your new boot or a new lease on life for an older one.


Alpsport recommends footbeds with all ski boots and even though Intuition claims that you do not need a footbed with their liners, from our experience skiing them this is not the case. Refer to our boot fitting page for more detail on our boot fitting process.

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