Telemark and Cross Country Skis

Alpsport carries one of the largest ranges of cross country and telemark skis in Sydney. We carry the latest ranges from numerous brands including Fischer, K2, Atomic, Black Diamond, and Karhu. We carry a range of skis that allow us to cater for the various disciplines of the sport.


Lightweight Touring

If you are planning on doing some longer trips in the backcountry then a lightweight setup is the way to go. With new technology you do not need the long skis we used to use. For lightweight touring you will be looking for a straighter ski, for better glide. A popular option is the Fischer snowbound skis with a pattern base. Look at the Boot and bindings pages for their lightweight options.

Some friends of the shop who are not normally on cross country gear! Everyone has to start somewhere!

Pattern Skis

There are many pattern based skis on the market and all are trying to do much the same thing, gripping to the snow on the way up the hill while letting you glide on flats and descents.


The main types are ground, where the pattern is ground into the ski base. This can be done in the factory or after the ski is made. Another option is the positive pattern, where the pattern is slightly proud of the ski this is a moulded section of the ski base and must be done in the factory. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, come in and have a chat about which option will suit your needs the best.


Backcountry Touring or Resort Telemark

Telemarking is becoming more popular for those who want to try something new or simply want the freedom of the backcountry. Whether you are planning for a new resort setup or maybe something more suited to heavy duty backcountry, we will have something for you.

Karhu make some great backcountry touring/telemark skis that have pattern bases or you could go for a flat base ski from the K2 Backside range, such as the Wayback, with this option there is the need for a set of skins (see our Climbing Skins page) and then it is off to the backcountry for you. It must also be remembered that any flat alpine ski can be mounted as a resort telemark option and we have a range of skis that are suitable.

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