Telescopic Poles

Alpsport keeps all the accessories you may need, including cross-country specific poles. At Alpsport we carry fixed length cross county poles and telescopic poles. Fixed length cross-country poles are great for lightweight touring and are made from fibreglass, they are light and strong. It is a good idea to go for longer poles are good to help with longer strides when touring or skating.

Jason using his poles in the Australian backcountry

Telescopic poles give the backcountry skier the ability to adjust the length of poles to the situation, when touring it is ideal to have longer poles, however while descending the pole length can be reduced to enable easier turning, especially if you are telemarking.

Poles helping Matty in the backcountry

Newer poles are made from high strength alloy, carbon fibre or a composite of both. Carbon allows for a strong light weight pole that have the ability to flex rather than bend. The locking system used should be the major considerations when purchasing a new pair of poles, there are 2 major options; the twist lock and the Black Diamonds Flick Lock system. Both are valid options and have their advantages and disadvantages, come in and have a look at which one would suit your needs.

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