Canyoning & Abseiling Equipment

At Alpsport, we go canyoning so we understand the needs of the avid canyoner or abseiler. We stock a full range of harnesses, helmets, ropes, packs, blow up air mattresses, thermal underwear, Sealskinz waterproof gloves and socks, shoes and all the hardwear you will need to make your next trip out safe, fun and exciting!  

Harness brands that we stock include Black Diamond, Petzl, Vertical and Wild Stuff. Harnesses fit like a pair of shoes, everyone will fit a little differently. So whether you are looking for super cushy comfort or just something to replace your old seatbelt harness, come on in and try some on, and we will find the right fit for you.


If you value your head and you feel it is worth protecting, we carry helmets from Petzl, Edelrid and Black Diamond. Canyons and abseiling usually means abuse to your equipment, so sturdiness is usually the best, with enough venting to allow the water to drain away. Edelrid have a classic helmet called the Ultralight, which is very popular and robust. Petzl and Black Diamond offer similar styles with quick adjustments, and also offer a range of very lightweight helmets with a similar foam construction to a bike helmet. These are a good choice for someone who will use their helmet for all types of roping activities.

We always stock both Edelrid and Bluewater rope and cord, in a number of different thicknesses, which we can cut to length. Edelrid also make a canyon specific rope which is very light, floats, and won’t soak up too much water to weigh you down on those hard return trips back to the car.

We carry a large range of waterproof bags from Sea to Summit and SealLine, to keep all of your important stuff dry. The waterproof bags range in sizes, from small enough for a camera or mobile phone, and go up to the size of a large backpack. They are great for all types of water sports.

We also stock incidental items like emergency blankets, first aid kits by Equip, whistles by Fox40 (the loudest on the market), small compact stoves from MSR, JetBoil, Kovea, waterproof torches from Princeton Tec and emergency shelters just in case your day becomes longer than intended.

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