Family Camping

If your idea of camping does not involve squeezing into a small tent, cooking whilst sitting on the ground or carrying your own equipment without the aid of a motorised vehicle, then we can also help you.

Alpsport carry a selection of family camping products from OZtrail, Primus and Kookaburra.

We can offer tents that you can stand up in, some even have dividers to separate the kids, or the in-laws. Even though these tents are quite large, they have been designed to be easy to setup. We also stock tarps of many sizes as well as extension poles.


Having a great tent with plenty of head room is one thing, but a good comfortable bed will complete the package. We have blow up air mattresses and nice thick self-inflating mattresses in sizes from single to queen.


Stretchers are also another good way to sleep in the bush. They are raised off the ground so you wont have struggle when getting out of bed and also can give you piece of mind in case of creepy crawlies. They are available in single, king single and even a double bunk style. For a more basic bed, foam mats are also available.


For preparing a meal out in the sticks we have a range of gas cookers with single burners that screw directly onto a gas cylinder, or multiple burner models for a more gourmet approach. Spare gas cylinders are also available. 


We offer a good range of accessories to help make cooking a pleasure, from pots, small frypans, portable jaffle irons, egg carriers and even packable washing basins.


With camping comes darkness, so you will need something to help you see in the dark. We carry lanterns of all styles, some are battery powered and can be plugged into mains power or the car; others can run on liquid fuel like kerosene or Shellite. Gas lanterns are another great style. You can run one of these from the same gas cylinder that runs your stove using an extension pole. We have spare glass, mantles and wicks for lanterns too.


Alpsport is also a supplier of Waeco and Engel portable fridges/freezers. These are for special order only. Come in and speak to one of our helpful staff about the models available.

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