Water bladders are a soft drinking container and are available in all shapes and sizes from 1 litre up to 10 litres in capacity. Some include a drinking tube for easy on the go hydration, whilst others are used solely to carry large amounts of water and can be compressed down when not filled to save space. They are an excellent choice for bike riders, rock climbers, and bushwalkers who would rather not take their pack off to drink.

There are a few items in your pack that you really do not want to skimp on quality, and water bladders are definitely near the top of the list! We have trialled many different styles and brands and believe that what we now carry represents the best in function, construction and durability.

We carry the leading brands in hydration systems: Camelbak, Osprey, Platypus, MSR, Nalgene and Sea to Summit. Each having their own standout features.


Camelbak specialise in hydration systems that are built around a backpack. There are many styles available so whether you go cycling, clean windows high above the city streets, or walk the dog, there will be a style to suit your needs. Camelbak bladders are also sold separately to retrofit into a backpack.

The Platypus drink bottles are very lightweight and have a good range of accessories. Lookout for their 1 litre Classic drink bottles, which are 5 times lighter than a standard 1L widemouth bottle. MSR are renowned for their Dromedary series of water bladders, that are bombproof, available in large capacities (up to 10L) and with light and heavy duty models available. They are an excellent choice if the highest durability is needed.


Nalgene are another lightweight option and are also extremely strong considering their flexibility. Their most popular model, the CXC has a quick release hose, which means you can leave the hose threaded through your pack whilst you fill the bladder separately. It also comes with magnetic retainers to keep the hose near your mouth at all times!


MSR, Platypus and Camelbak all have adaptors available to suit their water filtration systems. There are many accessories available including: insulators for the drinking hoses, replacement mouthpieces, filter adaptors, cleaning kits and plenty more to keep all of your hydration solution clean and up to date.



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