At Alpsport we stock a large range of lighting products and their accessories from a range of companies including Petzl, Princeton-Tec, LED Lenser, OZtrail, Coleman, Black Diamond, Kovea and UCO Candle Lanterns.


If you are planning on going bush you should generally consider carrying a source of light amongst the group, even if your plans are for a day walk. Headlamps are the best option as they are compact, lightweight and as a result a convenient way to carry light. Having both hands available gives you freedom when you are navigating on the move after dark, cooking, toileting, running or even cycling with the more powerful models.

We carry headlamps from Petzl, Princeton Tec and LED Lenser. These brands offer a great range of models of all budgets and brightness without compromising on reliability.

A few standouts include the Princeton Tec Quad with a waterproof rating to a depth of 1m, so you will not have to worry if it falls in the creek. Also come and have a look at the Petzl MYO RXP. It boasts 140 lumens and its light settings are programmable to individually suit its owner.


We carry a range of hand torches from LED Lenser, Princeton Tec and Maglite. Hand torch technology is rapidly improving with new LED technology giving longer lasting battery life and globe reliability. LED Lenser has a great range of compact hand torches featuring focusable high powered LEDs with strong metal casings. We recommend you come and have a look at the P7 model, which is quite small with 200 lumen power using only four AAA batteries. Princeton Tec offer compact hand torches with waterproofing making them a good choice for emergency kits or wet sports like canyoning or paddling.

If you are looking for lighting around camp, come and have a look at our lantern range. We have a range to suit family campers that run from gas, liquid fuels, batteries and also mains or car power. We even have small lanterns suitable for bushwalking or travelling from Black Diamond, Kovea and UCO Candle Lanterns. Black Diamond offer models with LED globes, collapsible legs, and dimming control, which is a nice energy conserving feature. If you are familiar with family camping gas lanterns Kovea have designed little versions that use disposable gas canisters like the ones that connect to lightweight stoves.


If you do not like the cold white light of LED, or the sound of a gas lantern then the UCO candle lanterns are for you. UCO lanterns come with adjustable flame control inside a lightweight metal housing. They make no sound and emit a lovely warm yellow glow. Many accessories are available for UCO lanterns like padded carry bags, citronella candles, extra reflectors and more.

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