If you plan on venturing into the outdoors you should always consider taking some kind of rainwear. Your rainwear is generally the outermost layer of your clothing system and must be able to keep you dry and protect you from the wind. If your rainwear lets you down, all your other dry and warm layers below become compromised, leaving you out in the cold. Alpsport carry a comprehensive range of rainwear including jackets, overpants, ponchos and even waterproof socks, gloves and hats.

Many different styles of rainwear are available. Some are more suited to heavy duty abuse with thicker fabrics and longer waists for those who enjoy a good bush bash. Travellers will enjoy rainwear that is lighter and more compact with a relaxed style and cut. If climbing is your thing then jackets with short waists, big hood capacity for a helmet and pants with a full zip, to facilitate removing your pants without removing your boots may be the trick.

Alex feeling the cold a little at Blue Lake

What all the various styles of rainwear have in common is the ultimate goal to keep you dry and comfortable in even the harshest conditions. So whether it is to keep you dry at your next football game or for slogging through the bush in Tasmania, we have a jacket that will suit your needs.


We carry raincoats and overpants from Mont, Mountain Hardwear, The North Face, Berghaus and Rainbird. Ponchos are available from Sea to Summit and waterproof gloves and socks from Sealskinz. Alpsport also stocks a large variety of Nikwax products to either increase or bring back the waterproofing to nearly all items of rainwear.


Our range of waterproof clothing and accessories will suit anyone who is afraid of the rain!  


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