Looking for a lightweight stove for camping? Well, there are many more options available than you may have first thought. We breakdown our stove range into the following:

  • Solid Fuel (Hexamine) Stoves
  • Methylated Spirit Stoves
  • Gas Stoves (Butane Mix)
  • Pressurised Liquid Fuel Stoves


Solid Fuel (Hexamine) Stoves

We carry solid fuel stoves from Outback Australia. They consist of a small metal foldable stand, which will support a variety of pots and run off compressed fuel tablets similar to a BBQ firelighter. The beauty of these stoves is the absolute simplicity. They are great for cooking simple meals, or for boiling water. The stove includes fuel tablets when purchased and extra fuel tablets are sold separately.


Methylated Spirit Stoves

If you like simple reliability, then you cannot go past a Trangia, the original all-in-one spirit stove from Sweden. They have been in production for over 50 years. The Trangia is sold as a complete cooking unit with pots, frypan and burner. The burner runs off methylated spirits with a flame adjustment. This makes for a quiet, cheap to run, and safe burner, as the fuel is not pressurised. These stoves are very convenient as methylated spirits is readily available. They are great for younger campers like Scouts and Duke of Edinburgh students due to their convenience and weight. Alpsport carries a comprehensive selection of Trangia models in standard aluminium, non-stick versions and also hard-anodised aluminium for lightweight durability. There are a few different sizes to choose from to suit either a group of campers or a soloist walker.


Many accessories are also available. You can even get a gas or a pressurised liquid fuel conversion kit. You may consider one of these conversion kits if you plan on using your Trangia for cold weather camping above the tree line. The extra heat generated with either conversion will significantly reduce your cooking times. Fuel bottles are sold separately.

Gas Stoves

Gas burners make up the majority of lightweight stoves on the market and are some of the most simple to use as there is usually only 2 parts to them, the burner, and the fuel canister. The burner unit screws directly into a gas canister, which are available in different capacities. The gas flow can be controlled on the burner unit. Some models are available with an auto-ignition. Traditionally the burner sits on top of the gas canister. If you are using large capacity pots however, you may consider a remote gas burner. These burners are stand-alone with supportive legs, and a fuel hose runs from the burner to the gas canister. This allows the burner to be lower to the ground, increasing stability.


One of the most popular models in this category is the Kovea Moonwalker. However, if being lightweight is the ultimate goal for you, the Kovea Titanium, or the MSR Pocket Rocket are ones to look out for. They are very compact, minimalist, and give off large heat for quick boiling times.

One of the newer additions to the lightweight market, and one of the stores favourites, is the Jetboil. The Jetboil is designed around the most efficient transfer of heat from burner to pot. They achieve this by insulating the pots to prevent heat loss and for even heating through the pot, plus they use a patented heat sink ‘Flux Ring’ on the base of the Jetboil range of cooking pots. This gives a more direct transfer of heat. The result is one of the fastest boiling stoves on the market whilst consuming only half the fuel of a standard gas burner. Plus, using the special range of frypan or pots from Jetboil, you are able to cook delicate meals with precise heat control. We carry many accessories including Jetboil Jetpower specific gas canisters.


Pressurised Liquid Fuel Stoves

Liquid fuel stoves are very popular amongst all types of camper, whether you are strolling around the Budawangs for a weekend, mountaineering in South America, or a lazy overnight paddle down the Hawkesbury.


We carry MSR liquid fuel stoves. MSR were the first to pioneer the remote fuel stove back in 1973. They offer a comprehensive range of liquid fuel stoves and accessories to match. The most popular model is the MSR Whisperlite, it is robust and simple. For weight conscious people, there is the Simmerlite, their lightest and most compact stove. For the intrepid traveller there is the XGK EX. The XGK EX reliably burns more liquid fuels than any other stove, and has the output of a blowtorch. If you are more of a gourmet cook, consider looking at the Dragonfly. It has total flame control and burns multiple fuels.

Eric cooking a gourmet beef meal on his MSR Whisperlite Internationale

The way these stoves work is simple. The stove consists of the fuel bottle, the fuel pump, which screws inside the fuel bottle, and the burner, which is separated from the bottle by a fuel hose. It also includes a wind/heat shield to improve efficiency.


A couple of benefits with this type of stove are; consistent high heat output, good fuel efficiency, good stability to suit most styles of pot and minimal landfill as you have no disposable fuel canisters to deal with. Some models are designed to run off multiple fuels including shellite, unleaded petrol, kerosene or even diesel. These stoves can be maintained in the field for expedition type trips and are designed to last in the worst of conditions. They are one of the best choices if your travels take you everywhere and anywhere.


To compliment our range of stoves, Alpsport carries a large range of cookware including pot sets from MSR and GSI, lightweight billys and kettles, cutlery and kitchen kits from Sea to Summit, coffee/tea making accessories for bushwalking from GSI, and even kitchen sinks! Come in to have a look.


Alpsport also stocks cooking stoves suited to family camping from Primus. For more information refer to the Family Camping page.

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