Thermal Underwear

Having a set of thermal underwear can dramatically increase warmth and comfort. They are the best addition to your clothing layers when extra warmth without too much bulk is needed. Thermals are also great to sleep in to extend the warmth of your sleeping bag, or under a wetsuit making your canyon trip that little more enjoyable. It should be noted that cotton fibres are not an option as they are not thermally effective and do not retain heat when wet.

Thermal underwear is designed to be worn close to the body, covering your skin reducing heat loss and also absorbing any moisture from your body keeping your skin dry and warm.


We carry Icebreaker pure merino wool thermals and synthetic thermal underwear from Sherpa and Adventure Line Silverskinz. There are advantages and disadvantages for both synthetic and wool thermals, these include:

Synthetic – Sherpa & Adventure Line Silverskinz

  • Lightweight even when wet
  • Quick drying
  • Silverskinz fibres are treated with silver for an anti-microbial finish
  • Warm even when wet and;

Icebreaker Merino Wool

  • Merino wool is superfine, which will not itch like traditional wool
  • Breathe better so there is no clammy feeling
  • Merino wool is naturally anti-microbial, so it does not hold odour
  • Locks in body heat more effectively than traditional wool or synthetics
  • Warm even when wet
  • Warmest thermal option per weight
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