Trekking Poles

When thinking of trekking poles, most people will visualise walking amongst a huge mountain range in the Himalayas or some other exotic location.

Andy needing those walking poles for some extra balance on the way down

The term trekking pole is basically a fancy name for a walking pole. They are designed to give you extra support in tricky terrain, for example steep descents or ascents, boulder hopping, creek crossing or slippery surfaces like timber boardwalks. Trekking poles help keep your stride in good rhythm for efficient walking. When trekking poles are used correctly they can dramatically reduce strain from your knees which, in turn means less fatigue out on the track.


They differ from ski poles as they are comprised of 2-3 pieces instead of one solid piece, which make them more suited to transporting on or in a pack when not in use and are made from lightweight materials like aluminium and carbon fibre. They are usually sold as a pair as they work best together. If you are only after a single pole some models are sold individually.

We stock a large range of poles from Black Diamond. Black Diamond is renowned for their FlickLock system, which enables a quick and easy length adjustment, and resists freezing in colder conditions. Black Diamond offer one of the largest ranges of Trekking Poles on the market. Another unique standout in their range is the addition of an elliptical pole profile on selected models, which increases the strength and rigidity of the poles. Some standout models include the Alpine Carbon Cork. This features a soft dampening cork grip and rigid carbon 3-piece construction shaft. These go together for their lightest pole at only 492g a pair! They are also stiff enough for skiing too! Also check out the Contour Elliptic series available in carbon fibre, corrective angle and shock absorbing models.


Trekking poles are equally at home in all areas of walking from the snowfields, to the muddy tracks of Tasmania, and can even be a useful support when pitching up a shelter. Try a set out today and be surprised at the relief trekking poles can offer. The staff at Alpsport can show you the correct and most efficient ways of using a set of poles.

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