Ski Goggles

Vision is, in reality, the most important part of a set up because if you can not see you can not ski (…or board). There are so many different conditions that you can experience on the mountain from snow to rain to sun and this is reflected by the number of lens options available.

To achieve the goal of having clear vision in all conditions, it is vital to match the shape of the goggle to your face. If you do not do this your goggles will regularly fog. If you ski in a helmet it is important to find a goggle that is helmet compatible. Once you have found a frame that matches your face, you then need to find a lens that will meet your requirements.


If you are skiing at a destination which is characterised by sunny weather, then a mirrored/dark lens will be the option to reduce glare and maximise vision. Alternately, if you are going to a destination characterised by overcast weather (such as Japan), a low-light lens is the best option. These lenses, typically yellow or orange, tend to have a light metallic film coating that results in enhanced contrast in low light conditions.

Carrick utilising his High Intensity Yellow lens in the snowy conditions - Lake Tahoe, USA

To allow us to match a goggle to your specific requirements we have the most comprehensive range of goggles in Sydney and we maintain our goggle stocks year round to cater for those heading north for the winter.

At Alsport we stock numerous brands including Oakley, Smith, Giro, Dragon, Anon, Carrera, Von Zipper, Scott, Spy, POC and Electric.



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