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We proudly have one of the largest selections of skis in Sydney, which allows us to cater for every type of skier, all ages, beginners to racers, freeriders and powderhounds and even those skiers looking to test their skills in the ever-popular terrain parks. Every season, each and every one of our skis is hand-picked based on our customers needs. So whether it is your first time heading to the snow or you are the next Aussie Olympian we have the ski for you. So come into our friendly ski shop and talk to one of our experienced staff so we can choose the right ski for you!

Our ski brands include: Salomon, Volkl, K2, Rossignol, Nordica, Head, Armada, Elan, Atomic, Black Diamond and more!

Carve Skis

These skis excel on harder snow and are perfect for those skiers who like to carve up the mountain, predominantly on groomed trails. Carve skis tend to feature an aggressive shape (sidecut) with a wide tip profile allows for more control through variable snow conditions and a narrow waist to allow for maximum edge to edge control. They are typically a moderately-stiff to stiff flexing ski. 

Popular carve skis include: the Nordica Doberman Spitfire, Rossignol Strato Ti TLD and the Volkl Tigershark

All Mountain Skis

Have a slightly softer flex than the typical carve ski design, to deal with more variable snow conditions. All mountain skis are designed to excel over the whole mountain in variable snow conditions, from the groomed trails of Australia to the powder in Japan and Canada. All mountain skis have become the most popular style over the last few years purely due to their versatility. The wider waist results in longer turns than carve skis. All mountain skis also tend to be slightly longer than a traditional carve ski. 

Typical all mountain skis include the K2 AMP Rictor and Volkl AC30.


Freeride/Powder Skis

These skis are notably wider and softer than all mountain or carve skis. Powder skis tend to have a less aggressive sidecut than all mountain or carve skis. They are designed with floatation and stability in softer and deeper snow in mind. Some of the modern powder skis have incorporated rocker technology into the ski design, with an earlier rise in the tip and tail of the ski, taking inspiration from water skis. This allows for maximum floatation in deep snow with less chance of 'tip diving'. 

Popular powder/freeride skis include: the Armada JJ, Volkl Gotama, K2 Kung Fujas and Salomon Lord

Image courtesy of K2.

Park/Twin-Tip Skis

Freestyle skiing has taken off in the past few years with the emergence of twin-tipped skis. These skis have been designed with the terrain park in mind, specifically on jumps and rails. They are typically designed with a medium width and a soft flex in the tip and tail but comparatively stiff under foot allowing the ski to function across the whole mountain. Many younger skiers are looking to twin-tips as the modern all mountain ski. 

Popular park/twin tip skis include: the K2 Revival, Armada AR6, and Volkl Wall

Brendan getting a shot of a mate deep in Japanese powder - Niseko, Japan

Womens Skis

We stock a large selection of Womens skis, ranging from narrow carve skis to wider all mountain and powder skis. Womens skis are generally softer than Mens skis to cater for the typically more conservative skiing style. 

Popular womens carve/all mountain skis include the Volkl Attiva series, K2 Luv series (T:Nine) and the Rossignol Baya 80



We do not tend to stock a range of race skis but we are able to access most race skis available on the market. If there is a particular race ski you are trying to find we can more than likely get it for you.


We stock a selection of junior skis, ranging from entry level through to junior race skis appropriate for Interschools racing. Some of the popular skis we stock include the Volkl Racetiger GS Jr and Atomic Race 8


Telemark Skis

We stock a wide range of telemark skis some of our brands include Rossignol, Fischer, Black Diamond and Volkl. For further information visit the Telemark Ski page.

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