Whether it’s jibbing rails, speed and big turns, hitting tree runs or riding deep pow, we’ve got a board to suit you!

Choosing a board can be a difficult task, especially with so many companies on the market, each with their unique flavour. It’s even harder to decide on a board if all you have to go on is the graphic. Our staff can run you through the board selection process from the very simple shape and construction of the board right through the latest technological features. We will also assess your height, weight, boot size, age, experience level and riding style to help narrow down the perfect board for you.

Eric going for an arvo grab in New Zealand

The APS Boardroom crew demo almost all of the boards we carry, so can give you an honest opinion of how the board rides, meaning you don’t have to rely on what the catalogue tells you. 


Snowboard brands that we stock include: Libtech, Burton, Ride, Rome, DC, K2, Roxy, Nitro and Arbor which are all household names.

Eric reaching for tail with an amazing NZ back drop

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