Workshop & Tuning


Alpsport have a comprehensive workshop, appropriate equipment and the expertise to conduct all tuning and repair services for skis and snowboards. These services include:

Brendan dropping some wax onto a set of skis


- Hot waxing

- Side edge sharpening

- Binding adjustment

- Binding mounting service

- Boot stretching

- Base repairs

o Base welding

o P-Tex repair

o Epoxy repair


Brendan working down the edge of a ski


We also use the Wintersteiger tuning machines. Allowing the most complete tunes to take place. Wintersteiger are the world leaders in ski and snowboard servicing equipment and the inventors of diamond disc tuning technology that has revolutionised the ski servicing industry. The services that the Winersteiger tuning machines can provide include:

- Restoration of factory base and side edge bevels

- Ceramic diamond disk finishing

- Base fills

- Base grinding


Wintersteiger - Before and After Tunning

Having your binding’s setup correctly on your skis is possibly the most important step before hitting the slopes. Not having your skis setup by an authorised professional will make your warranty void and could cause serious injury.

Wintersteiger tunning machine

At Alpsport our workshop technicians are all authorised and qualified specialist in the latest and most popular brands. We have a state of the art workshop with all the current mounting jigs including; Marker, Salomon, Rossignol, Tyrolia, Diamir, Rottefella plus many more.


Todays bindings help to reduce certain hazards involved in the sport of skiing, but the risk of injury remains. With this in mind, it is important to have the binding release settings (DIN) checked and adjusted by a professional. Your DIN is calculated using a chart and takes into account your height, weight, age and skiing ability. Each company has its own DIN chart, and our technicians are all qualified to make these adjustments.

Tristain getting his adjust on

As bindings get used and older, the spring and other parts deteriorate and can become unreliable and unsafe. It is important to keep up with modern technology and replace all non-indemnified bindings. Every year binding companies provide our technicians with a list of their non-indemnified parts and products. If a binding is on this list our technicians are not allowed to service them as they have been deemed unsafe by the manufacturer. Our hi-tech equipment provides the most precise mounting, making sure your skiing experience is never compromised.

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