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  • Led Lenser F1R Torch
    The LED Lenser F1 has already triggered astounding enthusiasm in countless users. Thanks to consistent further development we have now succeeded in increas- ing both efficiency and performance considerably. With up to 1000 lumens and a length of just 115 mm, the new rechargeable LED Lenser..
  • Led Lenser M14X Torch
    The LED Lenser M14X is currently one of the brightest torches in the M series. If you like extremes, you will love this torch. A new high-performance LED ensures that this compact torch achieves substantially improved lighting performance of the LED Lenser M14. The titanium-coloured ring identifies ..
  • Led Lenser M17R Torch w/ ABS Carrying Case
    You would be hard put to find more performance and functionality in this size class. LED Lenser have packed this new product with more innovations and trail blazing developments than ever before. The new SafetyYtrion Cell alone brings about benefits in the rechargeable sector that have been barely k..
  • Led Lenser M7R Torch w/ ABS Carrying Case
    Led Lenser Torches are world leading in creating energy efficient LED lights for their products. Their products have included many advanced technologies such as Crystal Reflector Tube systems for stronger intensity, the patent pending Advanced Focus System, which combines a precision lens and dynami..
  • Led Lenser M7RX Torch w/ ABS Carrying Case
    The LED Lenser M7R X achieves, thanks to a new LED chip, increased lighting performance of its predecessors and also delivers a completely different light cone characteristic. A titanium colored ring at the head of the flashlight identifies this new performance dimension. Unlike the LED Lenser ..
  • Led Lenser M8 Torch
    A prime example of compact high-end physics Equipped with two temperature-resistant DURACELL® CR123 Lithium batteries, the LED LENSER®M8 is your reliable companion, whether you are climbing mountains, exploring deserts or hiking through ice and snow. Timeless design and distinct elegance combin..
    $139.95 $139.95
  • Led Lenser MT7 Torch
    The LED LENSER® MT7 is a tactical lighting instrument designed for special law enforcement units. This lamp is virtually indestructible. You can use it to defend yourself, break glass, or alert emergency services with the SOS function. You can drive back attackers with the military-developed stro..
    $95.95 $109.95
  • Led Lenser P17 - High Performance Hand Held
    Police officers, firefighters and emergency forces need robust, super-bright flashlights that withstand continuous use and exceptional conditions. They have to be shock-proof and resistant to great variations in temperature. Our LED LENSER® P17 meets all of these demands and is also up to mark when ..
    $145.95 $145.95
  • Led Lenser X21.2 Torch W/ ABS Carrying Case
    The new version of the LED Lenser X21.2 has been consistently further developed(compared to the predecessor model, the LED Lenser X21). The impressive lighting performance of up to 1600 lumen can be focused using seven reflector lenses. The Advanced Focus Systems (AFS) and the X LENS Technology..
  • Led Lenser X21R.2 Torch W/ ABS Carrying Case
    The sensational LED Lenser flagship convinces with the best values, technically refined solutions and a clean design language. The sensational lighting performance of up to 3200lm can be precisely focused using seven reflector lenses. Thanks to the X LENS Technology,the bundled rays are reinfor..
  • Led Lenser P3 Torch
    Available at Alpsport, The Ledlenser P3 is the big brother of the P2. With its larger head diameter of 19 mm it has a greater lighting range. But with a longer battery life of up to 6 hours, it is more impressive than the former P3AFSP. And when you consider its small size and light weight, up to 25..
  • Led Lenser P4 Torch
    Available at Alpsport, The size of a ballpoint pen, the P4 looks rather ordinary when you place it securely in your shirt pocket using its handy clip. But its light output is more than impressive: Up to 18 lm1 are cast into the darkness extending as far as 25 m1. And its special lens creates a full ..
  • Led Lenser P5 Torch
    Available at Alpsport ,A lot of flashlight for so little weight: At a length of 113 mm, the Ledlenser P5 weighs in at 80 g. The reason is its low battery requirements. Because of its up to 140 lm of light output and 120 m beam distance, this energy-saving wonder only requires a AA battery. The envir..
  • Led Lenser P6 Torch
    Available at Alpsport, Slim, elegant, user-friendly: Because of its non-slip surface and length of 163 mm, the P6 sits very nicely in your hand. This gives the flashlight a good grip. You can focus it using just one hand with the Rapid Focus, and thanks to the Advanced Focus System it offers its use..
  • Led Lenser P7 Torch
    Available at Alpsport, With the upgraded P7 we've put many of your suggestions regarding the previous model into practice. More power and the same run time as it’s predecessor (the P7.2). The lens has been redesigned and equipped with the latest LED technology. We also have your back even more, with..
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