Mad Rock

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  • Mad Rock Hulk HMS Screwgate Carabiner
    Incredible strength, minimal price!   This is fast becoming one of our favourite 'biners at Alpsport.  The hot forged construction of the Hulk HMS allows for reduced weight while maintaining one of the highest breaking load capacities - 30kN in an alloy belay biner is incredible! La..
  • Mad Rock Flash 2018
    Mad Rock Flash 2018 One of the best selling models of all time is back for 2018. With modern stretch materials for the upper to maximize comfort and performance, the Flash is back with an even better feel. The 3D heel has been updated to flex and fit most heel shapes due to it’s thin construction..
    $125.00 $139.95
  • Mad Rock SuperTech Screw Gate
    The hot forged construction of the SuperTech allows for reduced weight while maintaining a high breaking load capacitie. Allows easy anchoring of slings, multiple ropes. As well as belaying both single or double rope. A smooth and large radius which ensures high performance and the key-lock nose all..
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