Mission Quickdraw

Mission Quickdraw

Brand: Edelrid
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The Mission is Edelrid's lightest quickdraw, weighing in at just 59g.  A combination of two very lightweight Mission wire-gate carabiners joined by an 8mm dyneema sling keeps weight to a minimum and includes Antitwist fixing for the rope-end biner.  The two different biner colours allow easy indentification of the different ends.

The 60cm version is one of those pieces of gear that you will never leave the ground without.  At full length it can be used to straighten out the rope on wandering routes and to reduce rope drag.  Triple the sling up and youve got a standard length quickdraw.

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Tech Info
  • Very light Mission wire gate carabiners and thin, ultra-strong 8 mm Dyneema® slings
  • Lightweight wire gates reduce whip-lash effect on the gate in a fall
  • Antitwist fixing on lower carabiner
  • Also available in 60 cm Dyneema® sling version to prevent rope drag on wandering routes
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