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  • MSR AC-Bivy V2
    When weight and space really count, the AC Bivy shelter is the best and most efficient way to get the all-condition protection you need. Maximum waterproof-breathable fabric coverage on top delivers the best possible breathability, while an extra-tough floor with 10,000mm DuraShield™ coating le..
  • MSR DragonFly
    The Dragonfly stove takes precision-simmering performance and puts it in a chassis that’s built to handle a variety of fuels and the frequent use dished-out by global travellers. Tough and stable, it also excels in institutional and guide service settings, easily handling pots up to 280mm in diamete..
  • MSR E-Bivy V2
    MSR's lightest and most compact weather-resistant bivy. The diminutive, weather-resistant E-Bivy sack adds the ideal amount of protection for wide range of situations without adding much to your pack. Its silicone-coated fabric top blocks wind, dew, spindrift and even light precipitation, adding ..
  • MSR Folding Spoon
    These utensils are recently updated by MSR to add a pinch-to-fold locking mechanism, which prevents the utensil from folding when you are using it. MSR's Folding Utensils are constructed with BPA-free materials and collapse to fit inside MSR Insulated mugs for convenient packing. Diff..
  • MSR Fuel Bottle
    These fuel bottles are designed specifically to accept the threads on MSR fuel pumps and to easily handle the pressurization you need to efficiently operate MSR liquid fuel stoves. Available in 3 Sizes (325ml, 590ml, 887ml) An MSR child-resistant fuel bottle cap comes standard. ..
  • MSR Piezo Igniter
    The MSR Piezo Igniter reliably lights most canister stoves with push-button convenience. The ignition element is protected inside the igniter's tube, making it far more reliable than stove-mounted igniters and the tube also collects a small amount of gas, further aiding ignition. Durable: Un-moun..
  • MSR Pocketrocket 2
    The Pocket Rocket has been an institution in the bushwalking world for decades, it has remained unchanged for all this time and delivered warm meals and drinks to adventurers across the world. Now this reliable stove has moved into the next generation with the MSR Pocket Rocket 2 lightweight hiki..
  • MSR Reactor Coffee Press Kit
    Available for Reactor 1.0L and 1.7L pots, the Reactor Coffee Press makes your morning fix fast. Each kit includes a new lid nob that accepts the Coffee Press plunger and seals tight for use without the coffee press. Our burly stainless steel strainer disc won’t tear or fray, and a flexible perimeter..
  • MSR Reactor Hanging Kit
    This is a kit that enables you to hang your reactor stove when placing it on the ground isn't practical (eg. inside a portaledge). Perfectly simple, the Reactor Hanging Kit is constructed almost entirely of cable, keeping it extremely light and compact. Just set the stove in its base, screw on th..
  • MSR Reactor Pot
    Hard-anodized aluminum Reactor cookware features MSR's proprietary heat exchanger that fully encloses the Reactor stove’s radiant burner. The resulting windproof design is key to the stove system’s unrivaled all-condition performance.  1.0L Pot: For trips with 1-2 people, or anywhere weight ..
  • MSR Reactor Stove System
    Not only is the Reactor Stove System the fastest and most fuel efficient stove ever made, it’s the only one that delivers that level of performance in the cold and wind of the real world. Simply put, you’ll burn less fuel, carry less fuel, and move faster than with any other stove available. And wit..
  • MSR Titan Cup
    The Titan cup is built to nest inside the Titan Kettle to create a deluxe solo set. Streamlined design features a folding wire handle so it’s easy to carry and pack.     ..
  • MSR Titan Kettle
    Versatile enough to be a pot, mug or bowl, this ultralight titanium kettle complements the Titan 2 Pot Set perfectly. The Kettle holds .85 liters of liquid and comes with a tight-fitting lid and drip-free spout for smooth, easy pouring. Team with Titan Tool Spoon or MSR® Folding Utensils (sold ..
  • MSR WhisperLite
    The WhisperLite stove has been the number one choice of outdoor adventurers for over 25 years. Bushwalkers, climbers and adventure travelers alike have come to rely on its easy-to-use design and durable, stainless steel and brass construction to deliver dependable performance in most any situat..
  • MSR WhisperLite International
    One of MSR's most versatile stoves, the Whisperlite International multi-fuel stove was designed from nearly 20 years of proven field use and feedback. The one-piece, stamped stainless steel leg assembly increases stability and simplifies maintenance while also reducing weight. Combined with a collec..
  • MSR Windburner Hanging Kit
    Secure, convenient hanging kit for the WindBurner Stove System. Make cooking logistics the last thing you need to worry about with this convenient hanging kit for your WindBurner® personal stove system. Ideal for climbing, mountaineering, ski touring and snowshoeing, this lightweight and dur..
  • MSR Windburner Skillet
    Expand your cooking options with your WindBurner Stove System. This skillet is the perfect solution for pan-frying, simmering and sautéing with your WindBurner stove. Featuring sloped sides for easy stirring and flipping, and an elevated design that disperses heat more evenly, this hard-anodized ..
  • MSR Windburner Stove System
    Fast, fuel-efficient personal stove system for solo travelers, minimalist trips and personal meals. Combining award-winning Reactor® technology with the features solo travelers need most, the WindBurner Stove System is ideal for backcountry adventures and weekend camping alike. Its radiant b..
    For over 35 years, the MSR XGK stove has been the world's most reliable extreme-condition stove; trusted by mountaineers everywhere. The XGK EX stove continues that legacy with unrivaled performance, dependability and better multi-fuel burning capabilities than any other stove on the marke..
  • MSR Autoflow Gravity Microfilter
    Now with an even lighter filter cartridge, MSR's AutoFlow Gravity Microfilter represents the latest development in backcountry hydration, combining filtration, storage and collection into a single, pump-free system. Featuring the latest Hollow Fiber technology and the power of gravity, the AutoFlow ..
  • MSR DromLite Bag
    This ultralight version of MSR's collapsible Dromedary Bags weighs less, but still features a tough 200-denier Cordura exterior for reliable, bush water storage and delivery. Inside is the same BPA-Free, food-grade polyurethane laminate that can handle freezing and accessories like the Shower or Hyd..
  • MSR Evo 22 Snowshoes
    Legendary dependability built for the trail. MSR's classic Evo snowshoes remain a favorite of snowshoers around the world, delivering MSR’s legendary dependability, built for the trail. With traction bars molded into its UniBody deck, it offers the essential grip needed for even modest slopes in ..
  • MSR Guardian Purifier
    Nothing is safer or easier to use for purifying the most demanding backcountry water sources than the Guardian purifier. Originally designed for military squads, it brings this highly advanced technology to global travelers, backcountry users, and those stocking emergency kits. Fast and easy to use,..
  • MSR Hyperflow Microfilter
    MSR's HyperFlow microfilter utilizes the latest Hollow Fiber Technology and MSR's most advanced engineering to make water treatment so small and simple to use, it will change the way you adventure. Its ergonomic design, tiny size and tool-free maintainability make it just as appropriate on day trips..
  • MSR Miniworks Ex Microfilter
    The MiniWorks EX microfilter is the best-selling microfilter in the world, delivering long-lasting, field-maintainable water filtration in demanding environments. Designed for frequent and heavy use, it utilizes MSR's workhorse Marathon EX carbon/ceramic element to ensure clean, reliable and ta..
  • MSR Sweetwater Microfilter
    Walking the middle ground between MSR's lightest and most durable filters, the SweetWater Microfilter makes water treatment simple. Lightweight, easy and versatile, it’s the perfect water treatment option for light to moderate use, with the capacity to easily step-up demands on the occasional b..
  • MSR Sweetwater Purifier System
    Get the added protection from viruses that’s critical in popular wilderness areas and developing countries with this comprehensive purifier/microfilter system. The SweetWater Microfilter removes waterborne bacteria and protozoa, particulate, taste and odors, while the chlorine-based SweetWater Purif..
  • MSR TrailShot Micro Filter
    Clean water all day—without the weight. That’s the advantage the TrailShot Microfilter provides. Designed to hide in stash pockets and deploy quickly, this tiny water filter lets you drink directly from sources along the trail for instant hydration, and fill your vessels with clean water. Easy one-h..
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