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  • Trimmer Positioning Lanyard
    Brand new work positioning device enables quick and accurate adjustment of length for positioning at the work station. Super smooth adjustment even under load. Trimmer is the smallest and lightest lenght adjustment device on the market! Main features: - The TRIMMER is a incredibly smooth devi..
  • Evolv Adjust Lanyard
    Positioning device with two adjustable arms The EVOLV ADJUST positioning device has two adjustable arms that allow the user to always have the ideal length adjustment for aid climbing. ..
  • Rescue Lanyard
    Positioning lanyard for rescue and exposed soils intervention, usable with DUCK regulation system. Made with 13mm Dyneema sling, fitted with lark’s foot hole and TANGO connector ..
  • Dual Connect Adjust Lanyard
    Double positioning lanyard with one fixed arm and one adjustable arm The DUAL CONNECT ADJUST lanyard is a double positioning lanyard with one fixed arm and one adjustable arm. The adjustable arm can be set to the ideal length for rappel maneuvers, on multi-pitch routes, in mountaineering, or when..
  • Help Adjustable Stirrup
    Multi-purpose adjustable stirrup, compact and lightweight, contained in a handy bag hookable to the harness. Simply open the Velcro flap in order to free the stirrup and let it ready to use. Very useful in resting situations , during the recovery of the second climber and generally in aid climbing. ..
  • Etrier Looping
    Description 4 steps for a compact alternative to a full-sized etrier Wide stiffened webbing, reinforced to resist abrasion Specifications Material(s): nylon Weight: 145 g Color(s): black/yellow ..
  • Connect Adjust Lanyard
    Single positioning lanyard with adjustable arm The CONNECT ADJUST lanyard is a single positioning lanyard with adjustable arm, designed for sport climbing. The ADJUST rope adjuster's ergonomic shape offers simple, quick adjustment. The CONNECT ADJUST lanyard is suitable for any situation encounte..
  • Etrier Gradistep
    Lightweight five step etrier for aided sections on free climbs ..
  • 12mm Dynex Daisy Chain
    A lightweight, super strong daisy chain that minimizes bulk with a narrow profile. FEATURES Bottom loop with sewn half twist for clean girth hitch Tight weave for stiff feel Very compact Available in 2 lengths For direct aid only Note: this is not a personal anchor system. The ..
  • Etrier Quickstep
    Adjustable single-step etrier for aid climbing. ..
  • Panic
    Panic allows an easy catch of the most distant anchoring points. Panic is fitted with: - a tubular webbing with an inner flexible bar that allows to obtain the required bent - a special connector equipped with an ingenious system that keeps open the gate until it comes into contact with the fix..
  • Link Sling
    The Wild Stuff Link Sling is a set of six interlinked sling loops, each rated to 25kN individually. As each loop is 25kN, it is much harder to accidentally rig the Link Sling in an unsafe way.  This is a great multi-purpose personal anchor system for use on everything from big wall epics to cleaning..
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  • Ascender Sling
    Sling/pedal for aid climbing and rope access in mountaineering, free climbing, caving, work and rescue. Fitted with buckle for length regulation. High quality product completely developed and produced in Italy. ..
  • Aro Bull - Sling
    Heavy load double layer textile anchor sling . It is produced in different lengths and it is perfect for high resistence anchoring. It is made in different colors based on the length. The stress indicator allows an immediate inspection of the product. The different internal colouring allo..
  • Pur'Anneau Polyethylene Sling
    Very lightweight sling in high-modulus polyethylene PUR'ANNEAU is a very lightweight sling with exceptional durability, thanks to its high-modulus polyethylene construction. It is particularly supple, for easy handling. Available in three lengths, color coded for easy identification of length. ..
  • Fifi hook
    Suspension hook for aid climbing Hook for positioning, progression and haul bag retrieval.   ..
  • Fin'Anneau 8mm Dyneema Sling
    A super light, super thin Dyneema sling The lightest and most compact of all the Petzl slings, these use 8 mm Dyneema/nylon webbing to cut down on weight without sacrificing strength. ..
  • St'Anneau 12mm Dyneema Sling
    A thin lightweight alternative to your old nylon slings.  A lighter alternative to the all-nylon slings, these are color coded for ease of length identification. ..
  • Anneau Sling
    ANNEAU is an open loop sling available in four lengths, color coded for easy identification of length. ..
  • 10mm Dynex Runner
    Great for limiting rope drag and keeping rack weight to a minimum, 10 mm (.4 in) Black Diamond Dynex™ Runners have a tight weave that increases durability and decreases bulk. Dynex is highly abrasion resistant, strong and lightweight Assorted colors for all 30 cm (12 in) and 60 cm (24 in) Ru..
  • Finesse Dyneema Dogbone
    Sling with STRING S for quickdraw The FINESSE sling is ultra-light. The STRING S webbing protection on the rope end protects the webbing from abrasion while keeping the carabiner in position. ..
  • Express Dogbone
    Sling with STRING for use as quickdraw The ergonomic shape of the EXPRESS webbing offers excellent grip when working a route. The STRING allows the carabiner to be held in position and protects the webbing from wear. ..
  • 18mm Nylon Runner
    Versatile sewn runners for building anchors, slinging natural features and extending placements on wandering routes, Black Diamond Nylon Runners offer durable and classic functionality. Versatile, strong and durable nylon construction     ..
  • Axess Dogbone
    Durable sling with STRING for use as quickdraw The AXESS sewn sling, equipped with a STRING, is a simple, durable solution for beginner and casual climbers looking for reliability. ..
  • X-Tube Webbing 25mm
    25mm nylon tube tape is supple yet strong thanks to its special tubular construction.   Enter the length you need (in metres) in the quantity field at the checkout. ..
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