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  • Princeton Tec Amp 1L Light w/ Bottle Opener
    The tiny Amp 1L packs a 45 lumen LED. With a large carabiner loop, this handheld light can hang off of a gear loop on your pack or the inside of your tent. Amp 1 L comes with a snap on cone to convert your flashlight into a marker light or to provide area lighting. When the adventure is over, this l..
  • Princeton Tec Bot Headlamp
    Small, simple, and ready for action: meet the Bot. The smallest member of The Family Series is designed with the same ergonomic features, ruggedness and reliability of the other members, but with a fun and bright twist. Durable plastics, a single arm bracket, and large push button make the Bot sturd..
  • Princeton Tec Byte Headlamp
    Don’t be fooled by its size! Smaller and lighter than other members of The Family Series like the Sync and Axis, the Byte has always packed a powerful punch in a compact package, but a recent upgrade brings it up to 100 lumens, making it even more impressive. The softer side of Byte comes in t..
  • Princeton Tec Helix Backcountry Lantern
    It sure is nice to bring along a few creature comforts even when you're headed way out there. Helix Backcountry is a compact, lightweight lantern which puts out a bright beam that’s easy on the eyes - perfect for around camp or in your tent. Helix Backcountry has a unique control surface that is fre..
  • Princeton Tec Helix Basecamp Bluetooth Lantern
    The top of the line! Helix Bluetooth has a rechargeable battery and allows full control from your smartphone or tablet via bluetooth, no wifi or cell signal required. Forgot the lantern on the table outside and already zipped up your sleeping bag? Want to shed some light when something goes bump in ..
  • Princeton Tec Helix Basecamp Lantern
    Whether camping or playing a card game on the deck, the goal is to spend more time together with those who are important to us. Helix Basecamp packs the latest LEDs, while the collapsible globe keeps the light soft on your eyes. This lantern’s collapsible legs raise the lantern up to ensure it light..
  • Princeton Tec Helix Basecamp Rechargeable Lantern
    Beginning with the same great foundation as Helix Basecamp - a collapsible globe and folding legs for wide light dispersion, also providing multiple hanging options. This particular lantern is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery, cutting down on disposable battery use and saving a bunch of..
  • Princeton Tec League 100 Torch
    Light weight and comfortable shape make Princeton Tec’s League the ideal backup light in the water. League even feels good enough in hand to become your favorite on dry land. This unobtrusive light hides out of the way until it is turned on. The sculpted shape makes League feel like an extension of ..
  • Princeton Tec Pulsar Keychain Light
    PULSAR Slightly larger than a quarter and weighing 7 grams, the Pulsar provides instant illumination for any situation and offers easy battery replacement. This compact Ultrabright LED burns with unbelievable intensity making it the perfect choice for key chains, backpacks, book bags, zippers and em..
  • Princeton Tec Quad Headtorch
    With regulated circuitry, Quad can run on alkaline or lithium batteries. Four Ultrabright LEDs illuminate the darkest conditions with a wide flood beam. Quad’s housing features molecularly bonded O-ring seal for waterproof durability. With a low battery indicator, a separately molded battery tray an..
  • Princeton Tec Quad II Headtorch
    The second in Princeton Tec's series of Intrinsically Safe headlamps, the Quad II provides unparalleled design and performance. The Quad II shares the same basic design principles as the original and proven Quad but takes it up to a Cl 1 UL Div. 1 rating. The fundamental lighting..
  • Princeton Tec Quad Tactical Headtorch
    Aiming to meet the highly specialized needs of both outdoor sportsmen and the US military, Princeton Tec created the tactical version of our popular Quad headlamp. The Quad Tactical augments the original Quad’s lightweight and durable design with three interchangeable lens covers which filter the fo..
  • Princeton Tec Remix Headtorch
    The Remix is equipped with an asymmetrical single arm bracket, easily accessible battery door enclosure, and large push button switch. Combine these features with a simple & lightweight design and you have a headlamp built to perform in any environment. Whether your requirements call for long di..
  • Princeton Tec Remix Plus Headtorch
    Remix Plus builds upon the proven Remix headlamp. Dimmable LEDs, greater output and longer burn time are possible due in part to the rear mounted battery pack. The battery pack also serves as a platform for flashing rear lights. Four commonly available AAA batteries provide power, and the light head..
  • Princeton Tec Remix Rechargeable Headtorch
    Starting with the hybrid LED array of the Remix headlamp, Remix Rechargeable gains full dimmability. This headlamp is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, rear mounted for balance and to provide a platform for flashing rear lights. A micro-USB port allows for charging, and the battery..
  • Princeton Tec Sync Headtorch
    This Princeton Tec Sync Headlamp won the 2015 Backpacker Magazine Editors' Choice Award!   Evolving the next generation of the Family series was no easy task for Princeton Tec. When developing the Sync they started with the proven foundation of their stable asymmetrical single arm b..
  • Princeton Tec Vizz
    The Vizz is feature-loaded with three distinct beam profiles easily accessed via a simple press, hold, or double press of the button. One Maxbright LED creates a powerful 165 lumen spot beam for long-throw illumination, a pair of white Ultrabright LEDs deliver a dimmable flood beam, and two red Ultr..
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