Basic 2025 inc Ride C-2 Binding Package

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Returning to the fundamentals.
In our quest for improvement, we thoroughly examined how to enhance the Basic. After testing numerous alternatives, we consistently found that the original shape and ride of the Basic stood out above the rest. Instead of altering something that already excelled, we chose to retain all the remarkable attributes of the Basic while enhancing its visual appeal.
Furthermore, we have fine-tuned the CamRock to offer a more subtle feel, providing the forgiveness you desire without compromising the necessary drive. The UnderBite outline has also undergone refinement, amplifying the board’s arc, grip, and overall carving experience across every design where it is applied. As the originator of it all, the Basic represents the genesis of snowboarding excellence. Experience the YES Basic, where snowboarding’s fundamental elements come together harmoniously.

Tech Specs