DPS Phantom 2.0 - Permanent Waxless Glide

PHANTOM is a permanent, one-time application, waxless base treatment that forever eliminates the need for waxing skis and snowboards. PHANTOM’s patent-pending polymer technology offers ultimate convenience combined with great glide performance that never wanes across all snow temperatures, and for the life of a ski or snowboard’s use.

Tech Specs

Consistent Performance

As skiers and snowboarders who regularly ride on resort and in the backcountry, we aren’t looking to win races––but we are looking to squeeze every inch of performance and fun out of our gear. We seek reliable and predictable glide across the wide spectrum of snow conditions and terrain features we encounter.

Tested in different snow climates around the globe, and backed by both extensive lab data and third party observations, PHANTOM is measurably faster than all-temperature wax in warm snow temperatures, and provides similar levels of glide in colder snow temperature ranges.

PHANTOM doesn’t have the slippery, just-brushed-and-corked feel of fresh wax when moving slowly on flat terrain, nor does it have any other uncomfortable glide characteristics. It’s stable and predictable. After gaining just a little bit of speed, PHANTOM delivers significant acceleration and achieves strong top-end glide, run after run, for the life of your skis or snowboard.

PHANTOM also permanently alters the shore hardness of the base material itself, bolstering durability and resilience in the case an unforeseen rock impact occurs.