The Hel YES has solidified its position as a leading standard for women’s freeriding, clinching four consecutive Good Wood Awards. This snowboard boasts a directional twin layout, UnderBite outline, sintered base, and a bamboo stringer core, all contributing to Helen’s distinctive imprint on the world of women’s snowboarding. Laura Sidoruk, the artistic mind behind this masterpiece, seamlessly weaved her personal vision of the circle of life and death into the design. “I wanted to represent the duality of life and death and
the cyclical nature of our environments around us. To illustrate this, I chose wolves and greenery to symbolize life, and wolves with fungi along with pieces of skeleton showing to symbolize death and how everything returns back to the earth. Connecting the two wolves is a root-like thread, bringing us back to the life cycle that is continually occurring all around us no matter what. A small reminder that life is short and to shred extra hard ;) «

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