The REC2 is designed for solo outings and day trips. This kit while not as compact as the REC 1, but none the less is a light and compact kit that contains a more complex range of items.

Tech Specs

180mm X 130mm X 40mm 125gm


Contents booklet
Emergency action card
Protective gloves
Antiseptic wipes X4
Safety pins X2
Surgical blade
Sterile gauze swabs X4
Cotton tips
Iodine swabs X3
Normal saline 30ml
Elastic gauze bandage (5cmX4m)
Elastic gauze bandage (7.5cmX4m)
Flexible active strips X10
Knuckle dressing
Absorbent non-adherent dressing (7.2X5cm) X2
Burn aid gel sachet
Open weave adhesive dressing (10X25cm)