The Wailer 99 is back in a Tour1 construction making it lighter and faster than ever in the skin track, at only 1410 grams in the long length. This ski will still float and pivot through deep snow with 460 mm of tip rocker (186cm length), but still has camber underfoot when you need the edging and control at high speeds. As always carbon construction means light weight and also keeps the ski from losing pop over time. The Wailer 99 is a hard charging, lightweight, and super versatile ski. The 99 has a rare blend of modern rockered ski geometry with a width that won't slaughter the skin track or force you to drag unnecessary skin uphill.

Tech Specs


125 / 99 / 111 | Radius: 16-19m @184cm



168cm, 176cm, 184cm







1410g per ski average weight @ 184cm


1355g per ski average weight @ 176cm


1225g per ski average weight @ 168cm