Built of cutting edge materials and an exquisite low profile design, the TPU Guide Waterproof Case for Tablets will keep tablet computers dry and protected from the elements. The pouch entry utilizes a dual system incorporating a waterproof zip lock and a 4x roll top closure secured with double velcro. This is much more error free and reliable than just a ‘zip lock’-type closure. The screen-sized window made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) allows the user to operate the computer via touch even when it is sealed in the pouch. Features a large clear back panel window to accommodate various camera locations of different models.

Tech Specs

Very lightweight and low profile soft case to minimise bulk

Meets IPX 8 testing standards of being waterproof at 10 metre for 1 hour

RF-welded seams for strength and waterproofness

0.2mm optic grade and touch compatible TPU screen and camera port

Die-cut attachment points at each corner allow the user to secure the pouch