Swix F4 Glide Wax.

Warm for -4°C and over; Cold for -4°C and under.

As all waxes wear off by the end of each days skiing or boarding waxing should be re applied every morning in preparation for riding the mountain that day.

Nothing worse than a dry slow base that’s hard to turn and feels too grippy. The F4 Premium liquid wax is the ideal solution for waxing on a daily basis.

Hot waxing with an iron is the best method for making skis and snowboards glide on snow, but the cost and time to do this on a daily basis would be prohibitive, unless off course you’re an Olympic competitor and its all done for you.

The easy to apply F4 premium liquid wax with applicator is the answer. Simply paint it on to your ski or snowboard base each morning and you are ready to go in minutes with a brand new slick surface for the day.

It is recommended that you repeat this every day. Then at the end of your weeks riding get yourself another hot wax  to prepare for the next season.