Boot Fitting

At Alpsport, we've been fitting ski and snowboard boots for over 30 years. Our experienced boot fitters ensure they fit the right boots to your feet. 

Whether shopping for a new pair of ski or snowboard boots, the boot fitting process is generally the same:

You'll sit down with one of our boot fitters, who starts by taking a look at your foot. We look at length, width and foot shape, as well as arch height and any pronation issues. 

The first step - assessing a customer's feet

We'll then typically get you to try on a few different pairs of boots on your feet, until we find the best fit. It's worth noting at this stage that the whole process can take up to around an hour, so make sure you set aside enough time!

After we've got you in the right pair of boots, we can further dial in the fit, to help give you the best possible experience out on the slopes. Many ski and snowboard boots these days come with heat-mouldable liners, which conform to the shape of your foot. To perform a heat mould, our boot fitters will place the boots or boot liners on a special heat stack (or in a specialised oven), at a preset temperature. Once the required temperature is reached, we then get you back into your boots and make you hold a position until the liners cool down enough and set (usually about 10 minutes).

For a completely personalised fit, we also make custom footbeds. This involves making an impression of your feet in a specialised machine. We then transfer the shape of your feet to the custom footbeds, resulting in the best possible level of comfort and performance.

Are you ready to have your next pair of ski or snowboard boots professionally fitted? To schedule a boot fitting appointment, just fill in your details below and we'll get in touch.