The Black Diamond HotWire Quickdraw gives full wiregate performance at a value. Featuring two updated HotWire wiregate carabiners that utilize a hot-forged lightweight construction and boast a larger rope-bearing surface for greater durability on both the carabiner and your rope, the HotWire Quickdraw comes with a durable 12 or 16 cm length, 18mm Polyester Dogbone which features our Straitjacket insert that keeps the bottom biner in the optimal clipping position, and a colored bottom biner for a visual target while climbing.

Tech Specs

[12 cm] 100 g (3.5 oz)
[16 cm] 103 g (3.6 oz)

Closed Gate Strength:
24 kN (5,395 lbf)

Open Gate Strength:
8 kN (1,798 lbf)

Minor Axis Strength:
8 kN (1,798 lbf)

Gate Opening:
25 mm (1.0 in)