New heights are well within the reach of the Mutant 22, the smallest edition of our fan-favorite ice/alpine climb series. Engineered for done-in-a-day endeavors on vertical ice and alpine ascents, the Mutant 22 was first developed with the help of local guides and athletes. Since then, it's tamed all seasons and climbing disciplines, receiving a refreshing update. New colors, advanced fabrics and refined features make the latest iteration of Mutant 22 even more formidable than its predecessor, proving that the evolution isn't done yet. The whole Mutant family benefits from the addition of lightweight, recycled NanoFly® and robic fabrics for impressive durability and lower environmental impact than virgin materials. We've fine-tuned every part of its suspension and carry to ensure an even safer, close-to-body fit that encourages stability and confidence on the steepest terrain.

Tech Specs