Designed for those who live outdoors, the 4Midable (4Mid) pyramid is light, simple and extraordinarily adaptable. It has an abundance of space and is easily set up as a couple’s tent, lunchtime getaway or group space. Tall enough to stand in, large enough to lounge, the 4Mid promotes a life lived well – outdoors.

The ‘Mids naturally manage condensation through form and design, steep wall architecture with the telescopic poleand peg points allowing the height to be set for the weather conditions. Inside there’s separate space for sleeping and storage to keep your bedroom tidy and dry, even with wet and muddy gear. The fly doors roll back completely on both sides to create a three-sided ‘Mid with uninterrupted views.

Favoured by guides and outdoor educators, the versatile 4Mid keeps you safe while allowing connection to the landscape. With fast set up it can become an emergency shelter, a shady lunchtime getaway or outdoor living room. And when the crowds have gone to bed, there is enough room to sit up and relax with your mates, cook or plan the next day’s adventures.

Tech Specs