Sweet Protection's brand new race helmet platform suitable for all disciplines. The Volata represents the latest in FIS approved race helmet development with a brand new variable elasticity thermoplastic shell. Front and rear in-molded Gate Shields to protect the helmet from gate impacts, as well as proven impact shield technology. The Volata is prepared to receive Sweet Protection's quick fit chin guard system for slalom events. The Chin guard can be mounted/unmounted in a matter of seconds and is sold separately. Additional features are emergency removal ear pads, and two piece ear ports for excellent hearing.

Tech Specs

Shell Technology

ABS Race Shell

Sweet Protection's injection moulded ABS Thermoplastic Race Shell is very impact resistant through its special rubber toughened construction. The shell is molded with extreme precision to offer the best performance to weight ratio. 

Impact Absorption

Gate Shields

Gate Shields are EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) with polycarbonate shells in-molded into the main EPS liner to protect the shock absorbing structure of the helmet from gate impacts. The Gate Shields are placed both in front and at the back of the helmet, as the gates tend to bend after an impact at the front, and hit the helmet in the back as well. 

Interior Technology

Race Interior

1. 3D shaped vented lining. Moisture wicking, removable, washable.

2. Quick Release Emergency removal ear pads. 

3. Race specific micro adjustment ratchet buckle.