The Dynafit Radical ST 2.0 Ski Bindings are the latest in Dynafit's evolutionary chain, and ski tourists everywhere are the beneficiaries. Last year Dynafit quiety adopted a 10 mm rearward travel feature in the ST and FT bindings to reduce chances of pre-release when the ski is heavily de-cambered. This year they're stepping it up with the introduction of a rotating toe piece in the 2.0, which enhances reliable lateral release and reduces chances of the toe popping open with a twisting force that doesn't require a release.

Tech Specs

Toe: New 2.0 Toepiece - Essentially a Radical toe on a turntable base, the Dynafit Radical 2.0 toe allows your heel to rotate slightly out of the normal ski range without forcing the toe wings open.
6082 Forged Aluminum base with Chrome Moly Steel Wings
Heel: Heel moves backward to accomodate ski flex
Three climbing levels with flat mode; easily changed with a ski pole while skinning
Re-designed Brake - Super positive brake actuation, built-in AFD, and new anti-rotation tab
Tour Mode: Toe should be locked by raising toe lever before skinning
Heel should be turned 1/4 turn clockwise to skin; climbing aids can be flipped up or down with a ski pole
Additional Features: Extra-wide binding surface area via new, wider binding rail / baseplate for optimum power transfer.
Forged aluminum heel cover plate for for a stronger climbing bar attachment and better durability
Low Stack Height - 16 mm toe, 29 mm heel